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July 01, 2011


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Mark Athitakis

My best shot: Most critics are fixated on how a piece of art fits within a "tradition" and get cranky only because something has strayed from it. When Dyer's cranky, it's different; he's cranky in a more personal, "unbuttoned" way. At least, that's how I take the "allows the informality of the dissatisfied self." But I'm not sure if Silverblatt is taking a whack at Dyer by saying he can't compare to "vastly seniorial" critics. I'm sure a small task force of no fewer than six and no more than eight people can, within six months, figure out what "seniorial" means.

tod goldberg

Is seniorial even a word?


VASTLY seniorial, mutherfucker! Get it right!


You lost me at "unbuttons."


He's the best writer of something between an essay and a novel, and he can open up and be casual about what makes him unsatisfied, unlike a stuffy literary critic who only complains about how things deviate from a traditional formula. Dyer does not do the latter.

It helps to be hopped up on flu medication. I'll take my prize in the form of a pitch opportunity.


He's saying that Geoff Dyer wrote "Louie Louie?"


It's seignorial.

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