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May 08, 2010


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The minute I read the title of this blog entry, I knew it was going to be hilarious. I'm sorry I take so much pleasure in your pain. Good luck for next month. If you get this all fixed, maybe you can take on my problem with the hospital that wants to charge me because they didn't get a proper authorization from my insurance before my surgery. It's amazing how they can make that MY fault.

tod goldberg

Brenna, the very same thing about the hospital is happening to my brother right now. He started getting bills in the tens of thousands of dollars a few weeks ago for a surgery he had several months ago.


Dude....freakin Bank of America needs to just quit the banking business already. They conveniently forgot to pay our home owners insurance, because when they bought our loan (lucky us!)they didn't happen to mention it to the insurance company. It took my husband 2 days of speaking with idiots who told him something different every time for me to get this fixed. And I didn't fix it through them, I fixed it through the insurance company. Fucktards, indeed!

Elizabeth Crane

Tod, that's so fucked up!!!

JD Rhoades

This is why I never authorize direct withdrawals. I don't even use PayPal anymore.


Bank of America home Loans should be shut down forever. Bank of America - assholes!


Tod, did Lee get the problem worked out? Supposedly the manager of the manager I talked to is straightening it out. In theory.

Regarding your follow-up post about this, I'm willing to bet they try to put the money back into your now-closed account. I'm looking forward to reading your next entry :)


Sadly, I also have a mortgage through B of A. I didn't choose to automatically have the payments taken out, thank god. Unfortunately, I've seen lots of news of that bank stealing, trashing, and foreclosing the wrong houses many times. We can only hope that it never goes that far with our houses because of their system being too slow.

Cap'n Bob

I left them 40 years ago and haven't regretted it a minute. I've noticed they're now running commercials on The History Channel claiming to be one of the founding banks of 13 colony America. Liars. It was Bank of Italy in San Francisco in the 19th century before becoming BofA. It may have swallowed up a bank that was founded in the early days, but that doesn't make it a cornerstone institution of the US. Liars, liars, liars.


Yep, they are thieves with a smile...we have our mortgage with them, after they bought Countrywide and it has been a nightmare...they forgot to add two payments and they were threatening with taking over the house...can't wait to get rid of them!


Please-if anyone in the government reads this (which I doubt) DO NOT bail out the banks next time. I became unemployed and BOA offered a three month "special forebearnce" during which time the payments are "suspended" and the told me that the payments would NOT be reported as late. WRONG!!!! They lie about the "not reported as late" part. The DO report the payments as late (even though they are "suspended") and ruined my credit! I would have been better off had the banks failed!!!!

Steven Neff

I have never dealt with such fucking idiots as bank of America. It does not surprise me my ex-wifes new husband works for them. As many others in this economy I got behind in my mortgage 5 months. The whole time I was laid off I called Bank of America consyantly to keep them updated and make sure my home would not go into forclosure. I was promised a furlough which I never recieved and now my home is indeed in forclosure. The sad thing is I sent a certified check for 2 months as instructed only to be told they don't have to accept it. What a bunch of morons, they would rather forclose than work with me over a couple thousand dollars. How B of A is still in business is the biggest shocker of all

Jane M.

Fucktards. LOVE IT. Just found your site when i decided to do a google seach "bank of america are assholes". I actually sent the president an email and told him this:

Dear Brian,
If you could, please take your right hand, put it between your legs and check to see if you are a man. Because in my eyes, you are a pathetic excuse for one. Don't have the balls to contact me directly"

Everytime I write him, I get a call from some BofAsshole lacky who is clueless. 4 years dealing with them and still no resolve. Fucktards.

Thank you for making me laugh today.

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