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February 01, 2010


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Antoine Wilson

Thank you for this. You have made me very happy.


Tod, did you see the question in last week's Parade about Conan O'Brien? It's another example of their hilariously bad timing. "Why does Conan O’Brien wear a black suit on every program? Doesn’t he have much of a wardrobe? -Charles Chick, Muskegon, Mich." "Our first guess was that Conan respectfully turned to a more formal wardrobe when he took over the big show in June. He tells us otherwise. 'I’m flattered that you think I’m wearing darker suits out of reverence for The Tonight Show,' he says. 'The truth is, due to NBC budget cuts, I’m forced to wear Brian Williams’ hand-me-downs. Between you and me, that man needs to cut back on the pasta.'"



Love the term "fucktard", who would have thought that a word that starts with fuck would be more PC than the rarely used but very decriptive retard. I've been on a personal campaign to bring back the word retard, imagine my surprise this week when the white house and Rush Limbaugh supported that cause. OK, that makes me uncomfortable.....Rush really is a retard.

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