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September 18, 2008


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C.A. Gilder

Aw, damn! And I'm still stuck here in Ohio...

Hey, Tod... the link to your sisters' book is not working. Can you check it out?

tod goldberg

Thanks for catching that -- it's been fixed.

linda woods

I totally forgot about this. Good thing I read your blog. I'll be there!

Sue T.

A true story:
I don't live in SoCal so I can't attend the signing, but but this post reminded me that I still needed to pick up "The Fix." I had no luck at our local indie bookseller, so I went to Borders. I made a beeline for the "G" section of Mystery/Thriller. There I found every "Monk" book ever written, but no "Fix."

I wandered around looking at endcaps for a while, then finally decided to ask an employee if she could help me find Tod Goldberg's book "The Fix." She looked it up on her computer and disappeared for a minute or so. When she came back with the book, I asked her where it had been.

"Oh, we file this under 'B' for 'Burn Notice.'"

So let me get this straight -- "The Fix" is filed under "Burn Notice," but the "Monk" titles are found under "Goldberg, Lee."

I'm not sure if that's a companywide policy, but anyone looking for "The Fix" at Borders might want to keep it in mind...

Danny Barer

Metaphysical question: Is Eazy-E in Rock-n-Roll Heaven or Gangsta's Paradize?


Since your post, the fucktard who hates "that despicable sack of shit Lee Goldberg" has added a new tag just for you:

"how many goldbergs does it take to beat up a blogger"


I'm only here reading your stuff because you are Lee's brother and I am snooping all his links. I want to know two things.

1. Was Lee really scratching his ass in the pic of the two of you at this booksigning?

2. Is his arm 'bad', as he puts it, because he scratches his ass?

NquiringMindless wants to know.

Nick Mamatas

Scrapbookers are a crazy bunch. My cousin-in-law, Kristina Contes, is the bete noir of many scrapbookers because of her avant-garde notions of scrapping. Google her sometime; she was even in the LA Times and such due to the controversy.

Jason Hulse

Tod, you have to read this fucktardathon (if you haven't already) your brother is having with that woman you linked to:


Your brother is now a homophobe, just so you know. This Ann Somerville woman is total nutter. I went to her blog and read some of her original fiction. It made me want to cut out my eyeballs. You should review one of her books in the LA Times!

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