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September 23, 2008


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Matt Bell

"You're not a very good spokesperson for your own books if you're not willing to give them away for free to someone like Tony Robbins. You just lost a lot of sales!"

So many careers have been destroyed this way... So sad.

J.D. Rhoades

"somehow Lee repels fucktards (except maybe the ones he's arguing with here, which a commenter rightly called a "fucktardathon" -"

Oh, lord. What would ever possess him to try to talk sense to some of the loons at Dear Author? They treat authors like hired help who best not get uppity.

Lee Goldberg

JD wrote:

Oh, lord. What would ever possess him to try to talk sense to some of the loons at Dear Author?

Procrastination. A common affliction among writers, particularly this one.


Lee Goldberg

By the way, as outrageous as it may seem, Tod really had those encounters with the McCloud lady and the Nazi Hunter guy...and they went down almost word-for-word the way Tod said they did (I must admit I took perverse and gleeful pleasure in steering the Nazi guy to him).


Ben Rehder

This brings back so many good memories. Barnaby Jones, you see, treated me like a son.


You guys should start selling books on tape. You will get a better crowd for those. Hey if you have a car and a tape deck in it, you must be doing something right.

When is the tour comiong to the Valley so I can show upo and heckle?


Hmm...you've been known to give them away to non fucktards. She just didn't qualify.

John McNally

What is it with Borders? The last time I signed books at a Borders in North Carolina, a guy walked up to my table, picked up the book, flipped through it, and said, "Are you from Chicago?" "Yeah, I am. Are you?" "No," he said, "but do you ever go up there?" "Where? Chicago?" The man nodded. "Yeah," I said, "quite a bit, actually." "Do you think you could give me a ride?" he asked. "Uh; no," I said, "I fly." "Oh." The man thought about this. "Maybe I could fly and we could share a hotel room." I excused myself, walked to my car, and drove away.

rob roberge

Denis Weaver is, in fact, dead, Tod. Just in case that loose thread was troubling you.

In a sublime chunk of life....I saw him and William F. Buckley debate the environment at Harvard in the late 1980's, moderated by Fred Friendly.


Paul K.

Is Ann Somerville another pen name for James Kosub? Or who was the other guy? The one who wanted to kill you guys literally? Now that was a super villain!


These stories made me clap my hands with glee.


I think we're forgetting the important question - what happened to that copy inscribed to Anthony?


I was going to ask the same question -- if you've got it, I'd totally like to have it. (And I'd pay!)


You think it is likely that Tony is giving his books away, too?

Pamela Detlor

I know you suffer through the fucktards - but it is very amusing to read. Sorry for taking pleasure from your pain.

Now I have this novel you need to read and give me pointers on... LOL! I kid!

Alyssa Day

Oh! I'm so glad it's not just me! I have had the person who asked me if he should divorce his wife so he could write his autobiography and she wouldn't "have room to bitch." Then he asked me for my agent's phone number. I also had the squirrelly guy who asked me to sign the book "Thank you for the best night of my life."
I was afraid to cross the parking lot to my car after that last one . . .

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