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September 16, 2008


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Joshua Ellis

Dude, it looks less like an interview and more like a proof-of-life video. Like, you should be hella unshaven and holding up a newspaper so the Feds can see the date on it. You look *scared*. :-)

Philippa Connors

Tod, someone posted this interview over on the BN board recently - okay, I beg to differ. You don't look scared at all to me. You look somewhat taken aback by Jina Bacar's cheeky, shamless flirting but overall quite amused by it all. You look like you're having fun, which made it a hell of a lot of fun for me to watch. *ponders thoughtfully* Although... I've gotta say, I probably would've enjoyed the interview even more, had you pulled the husky porn voice out of your back pocket, Tod. *LOL* Someday, when you make a literary appearance on the east coast and I show up to meet you, you can regale me with tales of your literary life using the husky porn voice. Tell you what: you'll know who I am by the fact that I ask you to recite Prufrock using the husky porn voice, 'kay? Now, don't anyone else here on the internet take this idea and run with it, 'kay? *earnest look*


Tod, we love ya man! Keep up the media appearances, it's all good. 8-)


Dude. That lady is a cook. She does look like Nina Hartley only she apparently is way hornier. Did she come one to you in tyhat weird office cubicle after she turned the Jihad camera off?

Because I like to look like I'm working for anyone who walks by my office, I looked her up. Here is an exceprt from her book:

A web of pleasure begins to weave itself in my belly and between my legs as I think about his tongue flicking back and forth across my clitoris, while his pinching fingers send exquisite sensations though my nipples and breasts. And I have to lie here and enjoy it.

Ok, I took a quick break to blow my load into my file cabinet, now I'm back. Does she do bachelor parties?

Oh and by the way. What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? I say you skip it.


Well you did not look frightened to me. I too would have loved a little ad lib porn voice back at her. Could not see your left leg, but did see you are left handed. Well done.

kryme_dog, Is that an exact quote ? Because it must be a misprint if she wrote "And I "have" to lie here and enjoy it".
More like "get" to !

HelenKay Dimon

At least the Chinese food was good...

C.A. Gilder

Hey, Tod...

During that interview, was Nina holding her own... camera?

By the way, did you join the RWA after the meeting?


Oh my Gosh! You're lefthanded, just like me!


That lady is plain creepy. She was completely fawning all over you and way over the top with her flirting! You handled yourself so well. Your interview space looked like you were being filmed in a tiny cubicle though and the audio was a bit . . . amateur, but you did fine! I see no double chins or weird leg things happening, just so you know. :)

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