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April 17, 2008


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Joshua Ellis

Dude, Aimee Mann is good...but Joe Henry is a fucking genius of a songwriter. Maybe one of the best ever. And a pretty good prose writer too. Plus he had the good sense to marry Madonna's sister. GO SEE HIM TALK.

Also, nobody will be pulling out the swords for Jaime Hernandez. Black Jack gum, more like. I mean, he wrote LOVE & ROCKETS, not GROO THE WANDERER, for God's sake.

Cap'n Bob

Was that Rita Mae Brown, who (gag*choke) not only has a cat heroine but a cat co-author? Yep, Sneaky Pie Brown is on the cover of the books as a co-author. The skin crawls.


I will be volunteering as an author escort again this year. I'll try to get one of your panels - maybe the one where you do the penis-whipping-out. :)

See you next weekend.

Karen Dinino

Is Gary David Goldberg Linda's dad, too?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Thank you for the mention! To clarify for you, I have PhD. in Physiology (medical science) from Columbia University in New York (which takes everyone an average of 6 years to earn) and a Post-Doctoral Certification in Marriage/Family/Child Therapy from USC and am licensed in the State of California as Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.
I'll be answering audience questions concerning the issues in my new book "Stop Whining Start Living" which is already 5 weeks on the NY Times Bestseller lists (entering at #2). Hope to see your readers at my presentation. Warmly, drl


I'm breaking with tradition: see Ray Bradbury. Don't expect much, but see him.

linda woods

I wonder if Aimee Mann will google herself and comment here. That would be fucking awesome.

burl barer

Bret is NOT bald under that bandanna..well, not 100%. That hair hanging down in the back is (a) all his, or (b) hair extensions made of real hair (as opposed to Polyester, the "mystery fabric" in his bandanna). He IS, however,bald on the top of his head which is why he wears that stupid thing that makes him appear as if he is Mr. Un-Clean wearing a weird hat of straw and polyester.
Feel sorry for him, Tod. He spent this entire season seeking his Rock of Love -- and finally settled on an older, semi-stable and tragically thin woman who eagerly agreed to "wild monkey sex" in the grand finale, the grand foyer, and for your future viewing pleasure, I assure you that this romance will FAIL!! If it lasts, Bret won't have a show next season! The only way he can be picked up is if he has to pick out a new pick up from the line-up of pop culture road kill. Personally, I wanted him to choose the desperate 85% polyester and body art babe with the inflated lips, technically augmented tits, recurring role ex-boyfriend and one hell of an ignominious past.
I hope to have Bret on my TRUE CRIME AND broadcast because the entire concept of his series borders on felonious -- yes, we have entered the age of thought crimes, and as I am known to say, "when thinking out loud is outlawed, only outlaws will think out loud."

burl barer

PS: As i am on the air Saturday, I will be at the LA Book Fair Sunday afternoon at the Mystery Writers of America booth where I will be attacked by a coven of Self-Printed Typists


Thank you for mentioning that terrible, blood sucking, soul crunching, always irritating device known as the "poetic voice". It makes me want to throw up on the poet's shows.

WTF happened to reading poetry like it's fucking poetry, and not like it's some urban fucking wanna-be rap song???

I fucking hate urban poetry jams for what they have done to poems the world over. It pisses me off!

And "Dr. Laura" pisses me off, but we won't go into the nude pics she has, or the failed relationships, or the total fucking hypocrisy of that icy bitch.

:-) Thank you for the rise in blood pressure. I am, I learned, still capable of feeling pain.


DUDE! Do you think that was the for-real Dr. Laura, or, like, her assistant whose job it is to google her every day and see what mean things people are saying about her and then respond to them? And why didn't she respond to being a sweet piece of ass?

Another good thing to say near Dr. Phil to see if he notices is "I had a vasectomy... and then I had it reversed." (You have to say it in his weird voice, though) - apparently he said it on one of his shows, and now in my family we have to say in whenever we see Dr. Phil anywhere.

James Marcus

Did you mean clusterfuck in the good or bad sense?

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