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February 27, 2008


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» Outside the Comfort Zone from A Writer's Life
My brother Tod writes today about the fun he's having writing the BURN NOTICE books...and what he's learning about himself as a writer along the way: I must say that writing this sort of comic noir is pretty damn fun [Read More]


Victor Gischler


You're going to introduce me to Bruce Campbell, right?


P. M. Thomas  a.k.a.


How can you forget--or PRETEND to forget--those Hollywood nights we spent together in the 80s, wearing our pastel blazers with t-shirts, cruising Sunset in my pink BMW convertable and making fun of Don's permanent 5 o'clock shadow? I took you under my wing, Tod, I introduced you to all the right people--the people who mattered--I MADE you, Mr. Goldberg. And now you dare to make a joke of our love on your My Space page? Okay so you've enjoyed a bit more success than I have since 1990. You've gone on to become an American journalist and author (to quote Wikipedia), while I...you know what happened to me, better than anyone. Can you imagine my humiliation the other day at the Elephant Car Wash when you wouldn't even look at me as you put the keys to your vintage AMC Pacer in my hands? Could you have at least tipped me more than a dollar? I'm heartbroken, Tod, heartbroken. I hope you enjoy my pain.

Michael Wilson

Trust me, you're not thinking like Michael Weston.


Can't wait. Watching that show had a charm and wit that little other shows could achieve, and I hope that aspect reflects well on the book.

Good luck

Mike Barer

I'm hoping that you will have one of your Parade magazine rants tommorrow. Mondays are just not the same without them.

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