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July 19, 2007


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I decided that if the Dawson's Creek writers did not end the show the way I wanted (meaning Pacey and Joey together), I was going to write my own fan fiction ending. Thank god it did not come to that.


With these awards, usually the stories are nominated are the most popular ones. They're definitely not the best ones. If you don't mind me recommending a few authors in Harry Potter fanfic:
Fernwithy: http://www.sugarquill.net/index.php?action=profile&id=507
I'm going to be bold and include my own story. They're not all that good, but if I got a critique like the stories you critiqued, I would die a happy woman (on the good side, they're short):

Ross Angelella

I think we should start a "fan fiction" site for fans of Tod Goldberg's work. And by that, I mean, we should all write stories where old Jewish men masturbate in public. In a corn field. On a golf course. Park bench. Subway. At a writing workshop. Wherever the fan feels they need to have it happen.

tod goldberg

I like the corn field idea, Ross. Alternative fuel sources never made me feel so hot.

Richard Cooper

Heh. They said rectum. Heh, heh.


I don't know in Harry Potter and on the topic of slash I'd go with Tira-nog's fics(snarry) http://tiranog.southroad.com/Tiranog_Site_Map_Web.htm
or geri-chan (snupin)long epic novel called The Always Series
updated here

But I've moved to Highlander, Good Omens, Pet Shop of Horrors, and even From Eroica With Love. So I guess I'm out the HP loop(for now) but perhaps I'll find an interest in hp again.

I must say I admire you're taking on a subject you clearly dislike. Whether it be in an effort to understand it, or atleast to understand why your so drawn to it. Either way I hope you find what your looking for.

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