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April 06, 2006


Danny Barer

So when the ratings went down, did he do his "Superior" dance, like the Church Lady?


Wow. Who knew Christopher Nance was such a nut?!!

dave zarkin

What is it with religious fanatic weathermen? CBS has two in Minneapolis -- Paul Douglas and Mike Fairborne. Having a direct line to the big guy upstairs hasn't improved the forecasts over those offered at Fox9 and Kare11.

David Thayer

Maybe we do need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Then again...maybe not.

Mike Barer

I don't know, but after sitting high on the Peacock throne, everything NBC does turns to crap including the Winter Olympics. I don't want to cross this guy. lol


Tod you are so right! I went to his website and saw that all of a sudden (after all of the disgusting things he said to his female co-workers) he's found Jesus! Pu-lease!! Last year he was just ranting at NBC and pimpin his horrible, let me say it again, horrible books on his website and at the Festival every year! However his price has gone down (a mere $500). Remember all of the pictures that he would show when he was on air doing the weather from his visits to schools? Well, those were NOT FREE! Each school had to purchase his awful books and it cost them a couple of thousand dollars! So who's being punished?

Dick Wagner

I was MASSIVELY screwed by Nance right after the 94 earthquake. I was in his home by Wednesday after the Monday quake, had crews doing major work by the weekend, and was on Nightline with cameras at HIS place by that first weekend. We kicked major butt on his project, and he just outrighht SCREWED me for about $20K, plus pulling away from the $150,000 of work we had started. This guy is a conniving, forked-tongued, arrogant hustler with no conscience. He will say or do anything to promote himself, shamelessly. I couldn't have been less surprised and more vindicated when he got kicked off NBC.
Jesus? Give me a break.


Firing Christopher Nance was the best thing KNBC did for the local news at the time. If they fired him for reading his Bible, that's wrong, however, it was rumored that he was involved in much more scandalous activity anyhow, such as forcing the purchasing of his books in order to agree to "speak" at schools, as mentioned here in another posting. I really feel like he was a sheister and certainly wasn't helping KNBC. Truth be told, KNBC has always had some trouble when it came to their weather people (except for Fritz Coleman, of course, who also can't predict the weather but is far more entertaining to watch.). I lived in L.A. for 23 years from 1982-2005 and when I first arrived every local station had a weather person with a "nature-sounding" name: Dr. George "Fish"beck, Dallas "Raines", Johnny "Mountain" and Fritz "Coleman" (camping equipment). Each network also had a female anchor with an anglecized first name and an Asian last name: Connie Chung, Tricia Toyota, Joanne Ishimine.

While the local news programs do contain news, overall there's a feeling that the "shows" are 80% entertainment value and 20% news integrity which might explain why most of the anchors (male and female) have had a bit too much plastic surgery.

Christopher Nance just wasn't worth investing time in, especially when scandal overshadowed what little he brought to the station.


This is weird! I loved Chris Nance as KNBC's weatherdude. Sure, I thought he was a bit strange...but it was entertaining! I guess I was just confused about how he looked like such a small man on the t.v., and turns out that he is 6 feet 4 inches tall!! who'd guessed?? This morning, I was telling my husband how I wondered what happened to Christopher Nance and how I was going to try and get some info on the internet, and here I am, in shock and a burst' bubble to boot. Thanks for the info, I think I'll get over it!

Jane Devin

Dave Z, we live in the same neck of the woods. I had no idea about Douglas and Fairborne, but it wouldn't surprise me that they're religious fanatics.

Since moving to the Midwest, I've had company meetings turn into group prayer sessions. I've had coworkers forward "end of the world is at hand, find Jesus now" emails to me. There have been company vehicles with crucifix key chains.

When I went to rent an apartment two years ago, I was asked which church I attended. When I said "Shir Tikvah", I was asked if that was Lutheran.

Minnesota is not just a part of the bible belt, they're the whole pair of pants.

Darren L

I am an Englishman living in Los Angeles since 1994 and even though I found your weathermen a bit strange, yet extremely entertaining... "the weather will be 76 degrees for a week straight" spoken of course in a nice suit with fabulous hair. Only in L.A. We, on the other hand, actually had weather to speak of in England so the weathermen had to be talented (if only at forecasting the weather).

But, Christopher Nance was unique in the fact that he creeped me out from the very first time I saw him on t.v. He always had the obligatory nice suit... but his personal touch was a "fresh flower" that he would comment upon each day. i.e. "Mmm-mm this is a sweet smelling carnation that I picked from my garden this morning. Mmm... Now on with your daily forecast... etc. And I swear as God is my witness that every time I saw this guy I would comment to my wife that there was something not right with him. For years, she would laugh, shake her head, say... "what d'you mean? He's just doing the weather!" But I knew! I felt it. I would always say... "I dunno, I bet he's a wife beater or a pedophile or something terrible like that." My wife would just laugh & shake her head... until the day he got popped & then fired from NBC. We both looked at each other like... WTF? This guy is a piece of shit! Always has been, always will be. I have known it in my soul from the very first time I saw him on television. What a fucking creep! Good riddance!


I always thought he was gay, but since most Christians are hypocrites hiding something this doesn't surprise me about all of his bible thumping. The fact is he is a crook and a liar. I never bought that fake smile of his either. He creeped me out too.


Even saints have a past and sinners have a future. There is hope for all or us!


I'm a real wetherman... I met Nance years ago; he's an ass.


Wow,I am shocked, and I am speechless. I contacted Christopher Nance when he no longer was on KNBC. He told me in an e-mail that he was fired for reading his bible. That is wrong, and even if he was the person that you say he is, KNBC was wrong in telling anyone they cannot read the bible in their free time. If Christopher Nance did all these bad things you say he did, KNBC should have found some other reason for letting him go, they had several to chose from without taking the religous angle. I was born an raised a Christian. At 54, I don't practice any faith but I respect other people's right to free speech and free will. That is why we live in America. That is why we have so many people from other countries living here legally or otherwise. I don't watch much TV, but I have seen many good news people leave KNBC. Something is not right with that station.

marla foster

KNBC has lost its credibility in recent years, thanks to its hiring practices of on-air personalities. Christopher Nance's flaky persona, his "light-in-the-loafers" oh-so goodguy appearance, and quirky weather reports were supposed to be entertaining. I'd have appreciated someone who looked and sounded like a grownup instead of a PeeWee Herman ripoff. Maybe his rotten behavior was cover for his true self. As for ability to predict weather: pul-lease! There IS no weather in L.A.
Now the station has that ridiculous blow-up doll Alita Loresca "reporting" the "weather." Does KNBC really think their entire audience is composed of foolish old men? Like the management? KNBC used to have me, but I'm elsewhere now.
Marla, another former audience member.


back while he was still on the air at KNBC I ran into Nance at a car wash near the studio. I overheard him trashing NBC to another guy at the car wash and couldn't help but think how unprofessional he was and what NBC would think of his behavior out in public. I was shocked at his attitude and nastiness because he had seemed so easy going on air. You never can tell.

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