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November 21, 2005


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I did a signing with Dean Koontz, Rob Roberge, Gregg Hurwitz, Mark Haskell Smith and 58 other men a couple weeks ago and then, yeah, made love to each of them in a slow and deliberate way.

That probably explains the 'Mr. Teriyaki' speech.

Bill Peschel

Oh, that's NOT what I needed to imagine this morning, which I guess is why I keep coming back for more.


Lets hear some more CSUN stories Todd. As a current CSUN official I want to hear more about the goings of old CSUN people.

rob roberge

but Wendy and Gayle know it's part of the job, so they're not jealous, right? we're, after all, professionals


Danny Barer

I think Alexandra R. a fake letter.


I also thought this one might be a fake. From the sound of the letter I highly doubt if the word "terminally" would even be in Alexandra's vocabulary. On a sidenote, I'm up for the list of authors screwing authors. Let's hear it, Tod.:)

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