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November 22, 2005


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blogging about fucktards

You do realize how fortunate we are to live in the modern world, don't you? This is a recreational opportunity did not exist ten years ago.

Bill Peschel

So what's a slow crush? Was she doing something with a small mammal and spike-heeled shoes?

That's another recreational opportunity I wouldn't have heard about 10 years ago.

rob roberge

i don't remember picking on Dave Justice. but then maybe there some OTHER writer you spent octtober sleeping with...WHORE!



I just checked google and confirmed that, once this page gets indexed, it will be the only page on the internet with the phrase "Patrick Swayze fan magazine" in it. Which is an awesome sort of cred.

Peter Handel

I'm with the comment above. What the fuck is a Slow Crush, and do I want one, too?


There's something not right about eating sushi in states that aren't next to a large body of water. I had some of the worst sushi of my life in Arizona. Granted it was Todai buffet--but it was truly horrific. I no longer eat sushi out of state. I feel your pain Tod, I really do.

David Thayer

Your Seattle visit should go well. The city is shrouded in dense fog. Unlike Chicago or St, Louis, Seattle reveres Pat Swayze. Sushi? Seattle has fish all over the place. The city's Big Hole on Cherry Street continues apace. Wear a trenchcoat, and if anyone starts jackhammering during the reading, go outside and tell them to knock it off.

Tod Goldberg

The slow crush, to the best of my knoweledge, is simulated (and very slow) sex as performed by one person sitting on the lap of another in my mother-in-law's Lexus. It ain't exactly fucktard, but I think it will sweep the nation as well.


Does it have to be in your mother-in-law's Lexus? And if so, does she offer short-term rentals?

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