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July 27, 2005


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Karen Scott

Tod, why did you intimate to him that you'd done time?

Did he look like the kind of guy who would climb through your window at night and do unmentionable things to you? Maybe he's Tono?


So does that mean that maybe Winona Ryder would date me?

I have to concede that side by side, those photos look freakishly alike. And it's true, we've never been sighted in the same place.

But come on, I'm much cuter than Dave Pirner.


Betsy, you are much, much cuter than Dave Pirner. In fact, you are so much cuter than Dave Pirner that the mere thought of you and Winona out on a hot date makes me slaver with dimwitted hetero male lust.

As for you, Tod, I have to learn not to read this blog at work. People are starting to think that I'm a fucktard because two mornings out of five I laugh out loud and then spend five minutes chuckling and snorting to myself. This morning was no exception, and my insane merriment was only throttled back when Betsy suggested that she and Winona might be stepping out Real Soon Now.

Tod Goldberg

The question should not by why, Karen, but why not? Sometimes I simply do things to entertain myself.


Thanks, guys, I feel better now, and Dean, the only reason no one thinks I'm a fucktard for laughing so hard is because I work (insert your own air quotes) at home.


Does Wendy have a blog? I hope she does. I would love to read her blog.

Mike Barer

Surreal Life runs on the premise that despicable has beens are funny. The show is about as an H and R Block tax consultant.
Your A's are always hot in the latter half of the season but they peter out in the playoffs. Oh well the Mariners are not going to the play-offs anytime soon.

David Thayer

Jose wears Sansabelt when patrolling right field and to book signings. Wouldn't a belt just spoil the look?


To Betsy: I once dated a guy who had, drunkenly, mistaken Dave Pirner for a girl he was dating before. To the extent that he came up behind him, threw him in a clench and smooched him until they came up sputtering. Which just goes to show that Dave Pirner looks like YOU.

Jaynie R

I like reading about what pisses you off - it's usually written in a very witty entertaining way that has me laughing from the first sentence.

I'm thinking your wife must be blessed with great patience *g*

Karen Scott

Tod, I thought you were gay? I was hoping you'd let me be your fag hag...


Carolyn, that is hilarious!


I get really tired of people logging on and telling bloggers, "You know, you're far too negative, and I never hear say anything positive, blah blah...." It happens to me, it happened to you, and it's happened to a lot of my colleagues.

First of all, it's a completely untrue statement, as many of us do point out things we liked, found awesome, great experiences, just as much as we go into diatribes about things we don't like, hated or can't stand. But for some reason, you write two or three diatribes in a row, and someone's flowers and puppy dogs world is completely shattered.

Secondly, where else can one vent their frustrations in well-thought-out and explained frustration once and for all and get on with their lives than a blog? Should we just keep our opinions to ourselves if we find something unpleasant?

I just think that 'you've been really negative with your blog lately' has become another fad that needs to go away right now.


Tod! You always make me laugh until I'm ready to pee my pants. I have dubbed many a co-worker a fucktard and think you have a wonderful sense of humor, even if you're pessimistic--And for the record, you always have a least one crazy neighbor in those gated communities!

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