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June 05, 2005


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» Is that a new RWA rule in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? from A Writer's Life
Booksquare reports that The Romance Writers of America have passed a new rule barring the national and chapter websites from linking to authors with certain objectionable images or words on their bookcovers or on their sites/blogs. ... it’s pretty clear [Read More]

» The RWA Demolition Derby from A Writer's Life
It's fun, in a way, to watch the ongoing demolition derby over at the Romance Writers of America. First their Board tries to institute [Read More]

» The RWA Demolition Derby from A Writer's Life
It's fun, in a way, to watch the ongoing demolition derby over at the Romance Writers of America. First their Board tries to institute [Read More]


Jim Winter

Next up, the MWA will ban books depicting violence on their covers, because murder is a civilized undertaking after all.

How ever, I do agree with the SFWA's ban on alien nipple licking on covers. Human nipple licking is OK, but alien nipple licking? Do you know what they use those nipples for? I mean come on! We have to draw lines somewhere.

Unless we blindly follow our leaders, we can never truly be free.*

*Yes, I know I lifted that from somewhere. Extra points if you know where from.


'Asshole,' I'm relieved to see, is still okay.

Tex Lebeauf

Perhaps I should re-evaluate the title before I turn in my new Harlequin, "Her Shit on his Dick."

Gendy Alimurung

See? Once again, the PeeInUrButt girl is ahead of her time.

James C. Hess

I don't know why but these rules remind me of little girls and pretend tea parties, which tend to erode into the hostess screaming, 'DON'T PEE IN THE TEA! DON'T PEA IN THE TEA! MOMEEE! THEY'RE PEEING IN THE TEA!'


Is it HOT in here or is it just me?


Okay, y'all really need to see this:



Lucianne featured that site one time. What a hoot!

Not saying who

Actaully... Gayle Wilson's cover... the guy IS wearing pants. Blue Pants...

Tod Goldberg

Why, you're correct NSW. Being red-green color blind, they sort of drifted off on me, but now, upon second look, I also see the knee boots. Of course, that opens up a larger question as it relates to fetish...but my dry humping assertion remains.

gena showalter

I bet the angels where singing when I decided to title my book The Stone Prince instead of The Stone Erection.


awwww Gena, that was in the running and you decided against it? Damn!


Your 'recent comment' list is pretty interesting, Tod:

"If anybody reads this and lives in the Marina del Rey vicinity go to see Dr. William Ginzburg (a nice Jewish boy who works on Saturdays) for all your dental needs ..." is followed by pantyhose pussy pissing's post: "http://viewpoint.dedok-kok.com/1767106/ shiny pantyhose legs fatpantyhosesex"

Pantyhose pussy pissing? The internet: where my kinkiest sexual fantasies are revealed as pure vanilla blandness.


and my boyfriend wonders why i can't sleep...


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