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May 08, 2005


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The Evil J Winter

Didn't your brother blog about that publisher at some point? Or is planning to? 'Cuz that sounds like the pitch I got from PublishAmerica (which got tossed in the recycle bin with the annoying emails from XLibris).

Tod Goldberg

He hasn't, but maybe he should. It appears they're publishers & literary agents. And charge $175 up front for office fees, too. Preditors and Editors have them on their avoid list...Interesting.

Lee Goldberg

I think you should investigate them, Tod. They are right next door, after all. I checked out their site and some of their books... love the one about the detective who is a dead ringer for Wilford Brimley. Only a Palm Springs publisher would be enticed by that.


Living in Portland, as I do, I am also concerned with the spate of writing to Walter Scott... but honestly I shouldn't be surpised. Portland is a fun town, and those Screamer shakes do kick ass - especially when purchased en-route to Powell's. However, I did also have the misfortune of waiting tables in some of our more fantabulous suburbs a few years back (during the deepest depths of the tech "down-turn")and came to my usual waitress conclusion that some people are profoundly stupid and Portland has it's fair share.
Thanks by the way for the comments on the Olsen twins, those chicks freak me out. The only thing that scares me more is that people actually seem to give a shit about where they live, what they eat, who they fuck etc.


Could be wrong on this, but wasn't it Gavin McLeod? (I sorta watched ALOT of Love Boat growing up ... )

Tod Goldberg

Actually, Mark, it's MaCleod -- worse, though, is that I got that blurb right off the publisher's promotional materials. Maybe all that hairspray got in the copy editor's eyes...


If you follow the publisher's reasons for wanting books to be 200 pages, you'll quickly realize that it would be even better if they were 150 pages. 100 pages would be better yet, and 1 page would be superlative. You'd get a buttload of 1-page books onto a little tiny space on a shelf.

If you follow this line of reasoning all the way to its logical conclusion, you will be forced to conclude that the best book is one of zero length with infinite price.

I'm not sure what that proves, though.

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