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May 27, 2005


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» No Oral for My Boy from A Writer's Life
Over on my brother's blog, he's talking about the lynch mob that's going after Paul Ruditis for his book RAINBOY PARTY (and a column from a wacko at Jewish World Review, which sure as hell isn't this Jew's world. This [Read More]

» SEX IS NOT FOR KIDS! from Kitty Litter
What is it with people pushing sex books on kids? [Read More]


Mike Barer

Michelle Malken worked for the Seattle Times in the late 90s, she is a decent writer for what she does but she on the right wing fringe. I wrote an e-mail to her disagreeing and she sent an angry letter back. When she got her big national gig, she wrote a nasty diatribe about Seattle.

Jim Winter

Dear Mayor Campbell:

If you have the Cleveland Police beat Paul up and kill his dog, big business will return to the city and pull it out of the financial mess it's in now.


The Northcoast Exile


Imagine my surprise reading MY name! I linked to your piece about stupid people breeding because it was so damned funny. Especially your advice to Twitney.

I have to agree with you about this Paul person, whoever he is. Look what Jennifer Wilbanks did just to try to get a little. You can read her fantasies here: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0513051wilbanks2.html


Malkin, what little I have read of her, is Professionally Indignant. Without reading the book, I'd be pretty sure that she's got it wrong.


"In the end, the kids in the book abandon plans for the event and news of an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases rocks their school."

Curse these YA novelists with their Heavy Handed Cautionary Tales! An epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases? Is Ruditis out of his mind? We can only pray Simon & Schuster keeps him away from Bible translation, with the whole Sodom and G. plot! It's just a matter of time before the book ends up on public school library shelves in the name of "educating" children and helping them "deal with reality." Curse Ruditis--we all know the reality is these kids would have a great party (except for the geeks who were excluded and spent the night alone with xbox, prepratory to a school shooting spree) and go on to become politicians who claimed 'when I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.' That's where it's at.

Tod Goldberg

Kitty, that Smoking Gun bit was great! Thanks for pointing it out.


My pleasure :)

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